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Since the first day, Edwards Dispatchers has been dealing with sensitive cargo, so we know that even the most fragile and maintained cargo must be managed. We coordinate the transportation of a large number of goods every year and skillfully select the type of equipment that best meets your needs.

Our Advantage

We know that price is a critical factor influencing customers to choose their transportation needs. We offer very competitive prices so that you can keep your expenses within your budget, and we guarantee that you will always receive the first-class service.

Let us bring a relaxing experience to your freight solutions. You can easily know that we are processing all the details for you. We also provide other additional features to make transportation smooth:

  • The flexibility of loading or unloading
  • Cargo Arrangement
  • Wholesale arrangement
  • Increase capacity
  • Temperature-controlled shipments
  • National/regional capabilities

Full Truckload

Edwards Dispatchers specialize in the transportation of whole trucks, including those that require enclosed dry trucks, temperature-maintained trailers, oversize, or need to be transported on flatbeds. We coordinate the transportation of a large number of goods every year and skillfully select the type of equipment that best meets your needs.

Full Truckload / Dry Van

The trucks are transported by dry trucks (fully enclosed semi-trailers) to protect the entire truck from external factors.

Flatbed/Open Deck

Flat/open deck (when your cargo does not require external component protection or is not suitable for being placed in a closed trailer) allows sideloading using forklifts or loading from above-using cranes.

Overload Services

Edwards Dispatchers provides heavy-duty transportation services, everything from on-site loading and temporary projects to surges and annual contract lanes.

Refrigeration/Temperature Control

Goods that are sensitive to weather conditions (such as perishable food or flowers) can be transported in refrigerated or temperature-controlled trucks.

Professional Services

Edwards Dispatchers bring flexibility and capacity to your supply chain. With our professional services, we can provide reliable solutions for your freight needs.

RGN / Step Deck

Tall cargo can be transported by RGN (removable gooseneck) trailers or step deck trailers (commonly referred to as “low boys”).

Less Than Truckload

At Edwards Dispatchers, customers can experience the best quality and transparency in the LTL industry, that is, LTL quality for self-service solutions or professional operations. We operate every day to make quoting, booking, and handling your LTL cargo easy and smooth. Our LTL system allows you to choose each shipment’s service level, while Edwards Dispatchers can actively monitor, communicate, and solve any challenges that may arise at each step.

Less Than Truckload Benefits

Your products’ transportation needs may be different, so you need to choose, and LTL may be a cost-effective solution.

Emission Reduction

Edwards Dispatchers can consolidate LTL cargo into a single truck, thereby reducing emissions.

Ancillary Services

LTL Dispatchers provide ancillary services (such as crates, packaging or loading and unloading) than traditional vehicle transport companies provide.

Gain Visibility and Connectivity

The integration of our LTL dispatcher allows you to track your cargo and get a quick turnaround on loading documents and processing.


We provide receiver location verification to ensure that your shipping destination does not require any special consideration.

Save Money

Centrally loading cargo from multiple shippers means you only pay for the space used on the truck.


The intermodal transporting method using two freight modes (such as trucks and railways) may be a cost-effective and reliable option for shippers. It also reduces the carbon footprint. For each truck, carbon emissions are reduced by 75% because one ton of rail freight will travel 479 miles per gallon of fuel. If you are looking for door-to-door service, drying, and port facilities, or want guidance on how intermodal transportation can improve your operations, Edwards Dispatchers experts will build personalized ways to help you achieve your goals. Edwards Dispatchers can provide flexibility for peak seasons, spot or special needs, and has been working in multimodal transport for more than a year. It can provide you with reliability from coast to coast.

Intermodal Budgeting Solutions

Carry goods through a combination of truck and rail transportation to maximize productivity.

Increase Capacity

One of the benefits of multimodal transport is increased capacity, especially for long-distance lanes with continuous capacity problems. In addition, you will be able to use 53-foot domestic containers and 20, 40 and 45-foot international containers.


Railway intermodal transportation services are tailor-made to meet your needs. Our independent agents are experienced intermodal professionals who will work with you to determine your specific transportation requirements.

Door to Door Service

We provide reliable door-to-door service throughout the United States and provide dynamic status reports for each shipment.

Expand Coverage

When you need to move on-site loads in challenging lanes or during peak season transportation, we can provide you with excellent coverage and purchasing power.

Scale Up

We conduct network analysis to help customers determine mode conversions and scale them up or down based on your number.

Professional and Market Consistency

Every shipper and carrier we work with will receive first-class, personalized, and professional services. Edwards Dispatchers can help you control your transportation budget by ensuring the competitiveness of high-volume main lanes and a fixed contract rate.

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